• Measuring strain gauge bridges
  • For half- and full-bridges


  • High-end amplifier
  • Configurable by tablet/notebook
  • Very fast sampling (up to 4800 Hz)

The digital amplifier of Swisstechnics is designed for highest demands. Because of a throughput of up to 4800 Hz and no need of an input low-pass filter who would extend the responce time, this amplifier is ideally suited for fast running presses. The calibration can be adjusted by software. Digital filter, reset-functions and further parameters can be set by tablet/notebook.

Specifications and Options

  • Half- and full-bridge version
  • Customer-specific connectors available
  • Custom-made calibration
  • Voltage output (standard)
  • For other signals (current out, RS-485, SSI, etc.) contact us

Data sheet

The data sheets are still in process and will be available online soon.

If you have any question or application-specific requirements please don't hesitate to contact us. We are pleased to help.