• Measuring of clamping force
  • Monitoring of presses
  • Other applications


  • Measuring of tension and compression
  • Clamping sensor
  • Integrated high-end digital amplifier
  • Very fast sampling (up to 4800 Hz)

The measuring flange with digital amplifier was designed for easy mounting and highest accuracy. The sensor is mounted with two screws. Through the newly developed three-point bearing, the temperature drift could be optimized.

Specifications and Options

  • Very linear measurement of tension and compression
  • Cable changeable
  • Voltage output (standard)
  • For other signals (current out, RS-485, SSI, etc.) contact us

Data sheet

The data sheets are still in process and will be available online soon.

If you have any question or application-specific requirements please don't hesitate to contact us. We are pleased to help.