• Calibration of injection moulding machines as well as die-casting machines
  • Calibration of clamping forces everywhere
  • Monitoring of tie-bar bending


  • Very compact measuring kit for service personnel
  • Mounting by magnets
  • No wearing of the extensometers
  • Wireless signal transmission by bluetooth
  • Measuring values displayed on a laptop or tablet-PC

The STX-8000 extensometers have been developed especially for calibration of clamping force on injection moulding and die-casting machines. Two single sensors have to be placed one opposite the other on the respective tie-bar and therefore the measured values are bending compensated. That way you achieve bending values of the single tie-bars as well as the real clamping force in several units (microstrain, tons, kN). There are no cables needed since the measuring signals are transmitted wireless by bluetooth to the tablet-PC, which is part of the complete calibration kit. All sensors can be charged inside the carrying case because of the integrated battery charger which has to be connected to the local electric power network only.

Technical specifications and options

  • Complete measuring kit, incl. 8 magnet extensometers, measuring case, tablet-PC & evaluation software
  • Two supplementary extensometers can also be placed into the measuring case
  • Bluetooth permission for Europe, USA, Canada, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand

Data sheets

The data sheets are in editing process and will be available soon online.

If you have any question or application-specific requirements please don't hesitate to contact us. We are pleased to help.